Sentiment Analysis: Revealing Unexpected Results

A medical device manufacturer sought insights regarding potential use of a new surgical care product in trauma situations over existing products. Research required very specific terminology and detailed dialog in order to elicit a meaningful opinion. 

The market research team turned to Sentiment Analysis to break out the specific threads of opinions. This offered the marketing team with clear and consistent patterns across all of the HCP dimensions of interest, including years in practice, hospital setting, location, and similar elements.   

The results provided more detailed projections regarding potential market response to the new product introduction, and unanticipated areas of discovery in the reactions of the healthcare professionals.  

As an example, the process identified a HCP focus on supply layouts in the storage areas, as well as access levels to supplies, having a significant impact on the choice of products used in traumatic situations. This was not obvious in cursory analysis. Sentiment Analysis and opinion mining suggested a relationship of significance based on conversation mentions. Market research analysts took this pattern reveal to identify an area for more detailed elaboration. 

Sentiment Analysis Keyword Results

Supply Location74%20
Seniority 94%25
Speed of Application80%28

Sentiment Analysis revealed hidden data. The approach provided important insights for marketing and sales success in terms of decision confidence, specific message targeting, and a more thorough understanding of the client decision-making process.