Expertise in Healthcare Research

Qualitative and quantitative research. Neuroscience and sentiment analysis. Social media trends.

What you learn from research depends on the expertise of those doing the analysis. 

Over 20 years of experience. Knowvanta focuses exclusively on the global healthcare industry and the integration of advanced technology with human craft. We dig deeper to unlock the most important insights. 

Understanding the full potential. We identify the questions that need answers together with the secondary topics of importance. Many important discoveries come from where conversations go after they begin. 

Carefully crafting research and surveys. We understand the audiences and the specific terminology needed for each to eliminate up-front bias and inconclusive results. 

Better data analysis. Leveraging human expertise with AI and machine learning empowers Knowvanta to mine the most relevant data, including contextual audio and visual information. This Sentiment Analysis approach drives better, more complete insights that others often miss.

Maximum confidence in insights. Leveraging our primary market research experience, subject-matter expertise, and advanced analysis acumen, Knowvanta provides faster, more actionable insights with a higher degree of confidence. 

This powerful combination for primary market research or supporting an existing market research agency offers unparalleled insights applicable to sales analytics and drug pricing understanding.

Knowvanta knows healthcare research and analysis

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